Horizon Forbidden West Player Shows Off Neat Drill Spear Detail

A Horizon: Forbidden West player has just discovered an interesting little feature of Aloy’s weapon, the drill spear, which highlights the game’s attention to detail.

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Horizon: Forbidden West has been widely recognized by the community as one of the best recent releases, and while it’s been weeks since the game’s release on PlayStation 5, players are still finding the little details that truly tie the gaming experience together. From weapon interactions to creature behavior, Guerrilla Games seems to have gone above and beyond.

The latest such detail appeared on Reddit, where user micke187 posted a unique Drill Spear interaction that actually makes sense, but would certainly be overlooked and forgotten in most other games. It’s not a game mechanic per se, but it works to add another layer of depth to the game. Horizon: Forbidden Westalready impressive production values.


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Namely, it’s all about Drill Spear’s tendency to actually drill into objects. While this weapon is extremely useful in combat due to its armor-piercing abilities, micke187’s video shows that Guerrilla Games was thinking about the possibility of players being able to throw it at trees, and the spear actually drills through a tree trunk, as it supposedly should have been in real life. a life. Now the drill lance is no match for Horizon: Forbidden WestAn assortment of Legendary Weapons, but tidbits like these make it a lot more interesting than it otherwise would be.

Currently only 12% Horizon: Forbidden West players finished it in the first place, which is not particularly strange, given how big and stretched the game is. To that end, it is unknown what other seemingly random details Guerrilla Games might have thought of beforehand. Interesting visual details like this don’t mean much on their own, but they can certainly help keep players immersed in the game. Forbidden West seems to handle this part particularly well.

As a result, Guerrilla Games has added quite a few new weapons to Horizon: Forbidden West, and the discovery of new interactions with animals, machines, and the game world, such as the one pictured above, is all but inevitable. However, whether this means that players should start throwing their drill spears at every object in the game is a completely different matter.

Players hoping to beat the game and maybe discover something new will be happy to hear it. Horizon: Forbidden West Patch 1.08 was released just a few days ago and contains many fixes that the game so desperately needed. As such, the gaming experience is almost perfectly stable at the moment, although Guerrilla Games will surely release a few more updates in the future to address the remaining issues.

Forbidden Horizon West is now available exclusively on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

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