‘Fortnite’ Season 2 Is A Badly Timed War Theme, But Epic Is Donating All Proceeds To Ukraine

Wow, this is one of the most awkward situations I’ve seen in gaming, but Fortnite does its best to walk the tightrope and can end up being a lot of good in the process.

Fortnite fans have been extremely baffled that despite Chapter 3, Season 2 being due out today, Epic hasn’t teased the new season. at allwhich has literally never happened before. Now we know why.

Through no fault of their own, Epic pre-planned the theme for the second season of Fortnite, a large-scale war on the Fortnite map in which enemies invade with tanks and airships. In any other timeline, this wouldn’t make anyone blink, as war goes beyond a common theme in games, but it happens. exactly during the horrific Russian invasion of Ukraine with a very real tanks and bombs. It’s quite possible that this is the worst time to debut a military-themed season with the same aesthetic as Season 2.

However, Epic seems to have found the answer.

They announced that all Fortnite proceeds from today, March 20 to April 3, will be donated to help Ukraine. This means all Battle Pass sales this new season for the first two weeks (when most people are going to buy the Battle Pass) will go directly to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. This seems absolutely right, as it’s unlikely that Epic would cancel the entire season this late in the game, and even if they did postpone it, it’s clear that this war will rage in Ukraine for quite some time, and there will never be a “good” time to release the season. which looks like this.

Allegedly, the title of the season may have been changed from “Reality War” to “Resistance” and was previously going to use slogans such as “The war is on!” before it became clearly a bad idea. But the game is still evolving with other concepts, like Fortnite introduced a playable tank for the first time. Again, we’ve driven a million tanks in a million video games before this, but the timing here is just awful. I cringe even watching the trailer depicting Epic trying to figure out what to do here.

Again, how Epic is handling the awkward Fortnite season is nothing compared to the very real atrocities going on in Ukraine right now, but this is an one of the biggest games in the world, and many other companies may follow suit, and others have already made their own efforts in Ukraine before, in addition to almost all video game companies now refusing to sell their products in Russia.

I’m going to start reviewing the content of the season itself when the servers go online, and it looks like Doctor Strange will be a special guest star on the battle pass, replacing Spider-Man last season. I believe the official launch should be around 9am ET, so check back for details then.

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