‘Got something to tell us?’

Britney Spears has caused an uproar with her new social media post!

The singer, who briefly took a break from Instagram only to return two days later, posted a video to TikTok to 39.9 million followers after taking a break.

In the said clip, a 40-year-old woman made fans see a pregnant woman touching her own belly. Already those who were just adjusting to the excitement of the pop star’s return to the app were screaming with joy after watching the video.

“Like I had a heart attack,” wrote one.

“Is there anything to tell?” added another.

The third wrote: “STOP!!! I almost had a heart attack, my God, baby #3 is coming soon.”

“I think she’s subtly hinting that she is,” one fan suggested, while another bluntly asked, “Are you pregnant??”

Spears previously took to her Instagram to share a snap from the beaches of Polynesia, hinting that she’s thinking about planning a family with fiancé Sam Asgari.

“Planning to have children in Polynesia!!!!!!” she captioned the topless photo.

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